Snorkeling and Diving Tour

We'd love to introduce our new Snorkelling and Diving tour to the secret paradise island of Lombok and beyond. Snorkeling and diving must be the best part of your holiday activity during in Lombok. The perfect diving spot is located on Gili islands, such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. 

Diving and snorkeling on these three Gilis could be the perfect choice for the most underwater activity. Thousands of colorful fishes, turtles, sharks, mantas, and beautiful corals are always the best things to see and enjoy.

The best diving spots on Gili Trawangan are Shark point, manta point, deep turbo, stingray, and many more. While snorkeling is mostly on the Northside with the colorful fishes and beautiful corals.

Gili Meno is also offering the best dive spots such as Meno slop, Meno wall, Bounty wreck, etc. If you want to do snorkeling, you can do it in turtle point in the north of Gili Meno.

The diving and snorkeling spot on Gili Air offers beautiful corals, fish, and many more. The best diving spot you may visit on Gili Air is the Air wall for diving. You can snorkel on the Northeast side of the island when reefs drop off. Sekotong and Gili Asahan also offer some beautiful dive spots.

Snorkeling on Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu is located in Sekotong, West Lombok. The island offers beautiful coral reefs, perfect white sandy beaches, and colorful fishes. And it's the perfect place to have a day tour as well. The things that make it such a perfect place to visit are that the island is peaceful, not busy. And there is only one bungalow on the island.

Choose to do a tour around the island or relax on the beachside. Snorkeling is the best activity you can do here. It is just a perfect crystal clear water with many colorful fishes and beautiful corals.

To do a Gili Nanggu snorkeling tour you can ask us or direct book through the search box. The package is normally covered to visit some beautiful islands around such as Gili Sudak and Gili Kedia.

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