Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy. Protecting clients privacy is very important and a seriously part of our business. This Privacy Policy is applying to all of our services or products on this site.

Personal Information

Information that we collected is aim to give you a better service, we won’t share any information of you to other purpose. In some cases, we may not be able to provide our better services if you refuse to provide us with the Personal Information that we need on the booking process or payment.

We commit that share client’s information to others' purpose is against to the law. And we take responsible to any personal information that you put during you make the booking or payment transaction.

Types of Personal Information that we collect are names, nationality, e-mail address, phone, address (state), pick up location, credit cards details and billing address for the payment processes by PayPal

Do we share the information to the third party?

We will send your personal information such as, your name, nationality, pick up location, telephone number or e-mail address to the fast boat operator in other to give you a better service and easy for them to reach you, whenever there is any additional information about the trekking.

Any change to your personal information details, please let us know by sending us an email and details information you want to change to

Change the Privacy policy

Any change to this privacy policy is authorized by, and will publish on our site.