Lombok Holiday Activities

South Lombok Surfing Tour

We arrange a complete day tour on Lombok. South Lombok surfing tour is one of our best offers for your complete holiday on Lombok island and beyond.  [...]

Snorkeling and Diving Tour

We'd love to introduce our new Snorkelling and Diving tour to the secret paradise island of Lombok and beyond. Snorkeling and diving must be the best part of your holiday activity during in Lombo [...]

Historical Lombok Tour

We designed some great historical Lombok tours such as; Water Palace tour, Hindustan temples tour, and Historical Mosque. These tours are simply amazing arrangements and will let you know how the [...]

Lombok Waterfall Tour

The Lombok waterfall tour is also the best thing you can do besides Mount Rinjani's adventure. There are some beautiful waterfalls to visit around Mount Rinjani such as: Sendang Gile waterfall is l [...]

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