Trekking Guidelines

Before Trekking:

  1. Prepare yourself, physically at least 3 month before trekking, make sure you are in a good condition, no back soldier pain, no heart attract, etc.   
  2. Prepare your trekking equipments which is not including on the packages like Jacket or rain coat, trekking shoe, medicine, hand cloves ,maskers, watch, sun glasses , trekking pole, hand lamp/head lamp, outdoors pants, etc.
  3. You may prepare some extra water, please do not bring any alcoholic drinks
  4. Find any proper information about trekking such weather and the Rinjani Mount latest condition
  5. Do not try to go with unofficial operators, make sure you are in the right place.  

During Trekking:

  1. Follow the guide instruction, never try to go alone or separate from the group or Guide
  2. Try to remember the trekking code or signature during the trekking
  3. Porters are only carry the trekking equipments provide by the trekking operators, please carry your own back pack  or if you need the porter to hand your back pack, you have to pay extra direct to the porter.
  4. Keep after yourself from the rocks or slippery, mind your step
  5. Keep clean the trek, do not throw any garbage during the trekking, keep them in your bag until you are home again from the trekking.
  6. Communicate with the guide if you find any problem.

After Trekking:

  1. Relax yourself to recovery your energy and do not forget to write down your story and tell everyone to come back to Lombok and take part of this great adventure.

Wish you all the best and have a great adventure, thank you for taking part and use our service as you trusted online Rinjani Mount trekking portal.